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World Quality Week – ISO 9001

World Quality Week ISO 9001

It’s World Quality Week, and to celebrate, we are taking a closer look at ISO 9001 – the most widely-recognised quality management standard across the globe. Being certified to this standard shows an organisation’s commitment to providing a product or service that consistently meets its customers’ requirements.

So what is ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 is an internationally agreed standard which defines the criteria against which a Quality Management System is judged. It can be applied to any type or size of organisation. It is based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act method, which helps businesses identify their strategic direction, look at how they manage risk and what controls or improvements can be implemented. The clauses in ISO 9001 describe the requirements of a system that strives to meet, and exceed customer expectations – and doesn’t every business seek to achieve this goal?

What are the benefits of ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 can ultimately lead to improved productivity and profitability by helping organisations to:
– Optimise processes, making them more effective and efficient
– Document a consistent way of working which saves money and reduces waste
– Focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction
– Boost employee morale through a positive and professional culture
– Win business and increase revenue – it’s often a customer requirement and you may not be able to tender for contracts unless you are certified
-Ensure management and employees are focused on quality, improving the end product or service

How can I achieve ISO 9001?
At Mark 1, we provide a bespoke business management system, Titan, which has been carefully developed to be user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT network.
The implementation of system such as Titan has proven to be one of the most effective ways of achieving UKAS accredited ISO certification. Titan is cost-effective, highly accessible and can help your organisation to reduce waste, create a clear framework for strategic growth and enhance profitability. The structured framework significantly simplifies the ISO process and has been successfully utilised by many companies of all types and size to achieve a variety of standards including ISO 9001.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of beginning your journey to ISO 9001 certification, please get in touch with us on 0161 359 4329 or info@mark1systems.com.

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