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Why you should have effective risk assessments?

Risk assessment

Why you should have effective risk assessments?

At first this may seem obvious, I bet the two reasons that come to mind for effective Health and Safety Management is the risk of personal injury and legal compliance?

You are not wrong of course, with the latter largely in place to ensure the former is minimised. However, having a sophisticated health and safety system  and working environment has further benefits. Mark1systems highlight these benefits  in more detail and outlines how to achieve OHSAS18001 compliance below.

Health and Safety of Employees

The most important benefit of good health and safety practices in the workplace is to ensure the well being of your staff. Alone this is at the heart of achieving OHSAS18001 accreditation, however through continuous improvement of risk reduction there is a less obvious benefit.

Where staff feel safe in a work environment morale is generally improved which is proven to be linked to increased productivity in the workplace.


Adhering to a Health and Safety Management System through Mark1 systems ensures the risk of liability is reduced significantly.

Producing a framework for continuous improvement creates a proactive approach to Health and Safety Management, the benefits include reduced risks, decreased paperwork  through investigations and improved awareness amongst  staff of health and safety.

In contrast, a reactive approach is incredibly risky as the leaves action to be taken as and when risks occur.

Industry Perception

Taking positive and responsible action when it comes to health and safety has an impact on your organisations reputation.

A Health and Safety Management System from mark1systems can ensure you maintain credibility with suppliers, contractors and third parties. Reinforcing your company’s health and safety policies through effective management and continuous improvement.

In turn, you have more control over how your organisation is perceived by potential business partners and consumers.


Penalties for non compliance can be severe, including the economical consequences which include insurance premiums and excess charges, sick pay for injured staff or legal fines.

These are unnecessary, or at the very least, costs which can be minimised with an effective Health and Safety system in place.

What are you waiting for?

Legal compliance exists already, so if you don’t have an accredited Health and Safety Management System in place already, now is the time to act.

Mark1 systems offers  a free trial of our bespoke Health and Safety Management System, which other than the benefits highlighted above also identifies opportunities for training, sets clear goals to achieve as an organisation and helps to make auditing more efficient.



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