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Why is Achieving an ISO Important for the Energy Sector?

Having an ISO certification is beneficial for any business. It helps you stand out from your competitors, assures your clients that you use best practices, and facilitates continuous improvement across your operations. This is especially true for the energy sector– in this blog, we will explain why.

ISO Standards for the Energy Sector

The most common ISO Standards are suitable for any business size or industry. ISO 9001 governs quality management, ISO 14001 is the environmental standard, ISO 27001 covers information and data security, and ISO 45001 concerns health and safety in the workplace. All of these standards are scalable and can be used to improve an aspect of your business, helping you to reach your goals. However, there is also a standard specifically designed to manage energy– ISO 50001. If you work in the energy sector, this standard is perhaps the most important ISO certification of all to pursue.

ISO 50001 

This standard details the procurement and use of energy, particularly in terms of efficiency and conservation. Whilst it can be used by any business, it is particularly valuable in the energy sector. Where it’s nuances and specific language can most effectively support growth. Known as the International Energy Management Systems (EnMS) standard, 1SO 50001 empowers businesses to implement and improve an energy management system. Achieving ISO 50001 certification as an energy sector business signifies your commitment to being the best in your field. As well as your close attention to detail.

How Can Mark1 Help?

At Mark1, we are experts in all things ISO. We guide our clients in their journeys towards certification and aid in the maintenance of these ISOs once achieved. We work with a diverse range of industries and businesses. Meaning that we are well-placed and ready to help you to thrive in the energy sector and stand out with an ISO certification.

To talk to our team about any of the ISO standards mentioned here, you can contact Mark1 here.

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