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Why Is A Management Review Important?

Management reviews (MR) are an important part of the compliance requirements for evaluating the performance of your management systems, particularly for ISO 9001. In this blog, we will explain why and how the Mark1 team can help you to undertake them.

What Is A Management Review?

A MR is an overview of how the business is being run, with inputs and outputs. The inputs are the basis of the management review, like relevant customer feedback and the result of internal audits. The outputs are the steps that must be taken as a result of the management review. Like the need to acquire additional resources or provide employee development opportunities. Unlike an internal audit, which is usually conducted by a qualified auditor. Management reviews can be held by the top people within your company or with your consultant.

The Importance of annual evaluations

Management reviews are incredibly important in the ISO process. They give you an opportunity to establish a culture of accountability, and accurately analyse your whole business structure and how it functions. This unique oversight directly supports your commitment to continuous improvement, the cornerstone of the ISO process. Once the review is complete, you will need to hold a management review meeting, which formally discusses and records the findings of the review. An annual MR is essentially important for reviewing the current management system and it’s effectiveness. 

Management Reviews with Mark1

At Mark1, we are committed to supporting our clients through every step of the ISO certification process, whatever that may look like for each individual business. Some organisations request close support from our consultants throughout. Whereas, others prefer to internally manage the process using our bespoke Titan quality management system. Whichever approach you prefer, we will help you to achieve your goals and complete successful management reviews.

To ask any questions you might have about management reviews, you can contact the Mark1 team here.

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