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What is the meaning of quality management system?

A quality management system (or QMS) can be a vital tool to streamline your journey to achieving ISO certification. In this blog, we will explain the importance of quality management, and how ISO 9001 can benefit your business. 

Quality Management System Software

So, what is quality management? This process is designed to standardise operations across your business, emphasising efficiency and best practice, so that both your staff and customers are assured of consistency. A quality system is a formalised and documented process that is regulated by ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems. It can govern every aspect of your performance as a business.

The Benefits of Quality Management Systems

There are considerable benefits to implementing a quality management system – after all, what is QMS good for if not helping you achieve your objectives? It boosts your reputation by allowing you to consistently meet the expectations and requirements of your customers, so that they know that they can rely on you to perform well under pressure. It also allows you to monitor your compliance, increase your cost-effectiveness, and create room for expansion and profit. An overview of your processes makes it much easier to spot problems and areas of weakness.


ISO 9001 is the standard that specifies the requirements for a QMS, which allows organisations and businesses to develop their own without deviating from best practices. There are common elements that should always be included, varying from a quality manual and internal processes to customer satisfaction records and quality analysis. A good QMS is centralised, user-friendly, and supports your business in its best possible performance. Establishing a QMS can be daunting, but working with an expert like Mark1 makes the process a lot easier. We even have our own QMS software, Titan, that we can implement for you!

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