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What Is The Key Concept of ISO 9001?

There are nine core elements to a successful quality management system, all of which are crucial in maintaining ISO 9001 certification. In this blog, we are breaking them down and explaining exactly how and why ISO 9001 can add value to your organisation.

Customer Focus

Whether you are marketing your product or service to individuals or organisations, your target audience should be at the heart of every decision you make. Providing high-quality products allows you to cultivate a strong relationship with your customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations, making them more likely to return.


The leaders of your business play an integral role in quality management. They should be overseeing the QMS and adjusting the trajectory of the business according to what it demonstrates.

Process Approach

This is a specific management strategy. Meaning that you should be carefully planning and undertaking each process within your business model under controlled conditions. This minimises the potential for waste, risks, inconsistency, and other issues that can undermine the quality of your product.

Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Evidence (meaning quantifiable results and data) should inform your choices whilst you implement your QMS. 

Continuous Improvement 

The premise of ISO 9001 is that the standard of your products and processes should always be improving. Not just that the quality is being managed, but that you are striving to better it. This principle can have a huge positive impact on your reputation as a business.

Engagement of People

Whilst we have established that leadership is important, engaging people at all levels of your business is vital. The more involved your staff are in the ISO 9001 process, the more effective it is likely to be. 

Relationship Management 

This is a focus that is interrelated to your dedication to the customer. Your relationships between you and your suppliers, business partners, stakeholders, and service users are vital when maintaining consistent and exemplary quality across the board. In order to guarantee satisfaction, you should seek regular feedback and adjust as necessary.

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