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What Is ISO Compliance?

Certification or Compliance

At Mark1, we often discuss the benefits of ISO compliance, and the requirements of each standard– but what does that really mean? This week, we’re breaking down exactly what it means to be ISO compliant.

How Do I Comply With ISO Standards?

An ISO standard (of which there are over 24,000) is an international agreement of best practices, put together by experts in a given field or discipline. Adhering to ISO standard requirements is a voluntary measure, aligning your business and its practices with the ideal model developed and dictated through the very top of your industry. Identifying relevant standards is key– for example, ISO 9001 refers to quality management systems, whereas ISO 14001 focuses on improving and minimising the impact of your business on the environment.

Certification or Compliance?

ISO certification requires going through an assessment process, which requires extensive audits and a typically lengthy process. Compliance, however, simply means that you are choosing to follow best practices of your own volition. Becoming compliant in the short-term can make pursuing official certification far easier in the future, since you are already operating within best practices.

Why Become ISO Certified?

ISO certification is known to be a competitive advantage; building on your compliance in an extensive audit can subsequently allow you to achieve this goal. Certification, relying on an external assessor, also signifies that your compliance is recognised officially. Your reputation can benefit from this, as can your performance capabilities; both of which lead to increased customer satisfaction and trust.

For more information on how your business could achieve ISO certification, you can contact our expert team here.

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