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What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 governs environmental management systems – becoming certified denotes your organisation’s legal compliance, helps to reduce your environmental impact, and demonstrates to potential and existing customers that you are committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible. In this blog, we will break down the environmental standard, explaining how you can be certified. 

What are ISO 14001 Requirements?

ISO 14001 requires the prioritisation of environmental best practices. This includes considering stakeholder requirements, legal compliance, regulatory needs, and the individual specifications of your organisation. There are also plenty of other benefits that you can enjoy after becoming certified. For example, reducing waste is an energy-efficient priority that also tends to reduce your outgoings and strengthen your budget.

How Do I Achieve ISO 14001 Certification?

To become certified, you will need to implement a suitable environmental management system that demonstrates your work on reducing the environmental impact of your business practices. You will need to pass a stage one and a stage two audit before you are officially certified. Certification is valid for three years, and an annual surveillance audit will be carried out before your next recertification audit. This process aims to help you maintain the highest possible standards, and recognise any issues in their early stages – you will have opportunities to fix, hone, and improve your business operations continuously.

What Does My ISO 14001 Journey Look Like With Mark1?

If this sounds confusing or overwhelming, never fear – the Mark1 team are here! We support our clients as much or as little as they need, providing bespoke software and answering any questions you might have. ISO standards are designed to suit every business size and industry, and so are our services. We will tailor your experience to ensure that you feel adequately assisted every step of the way. 

To discuss your path to ISO 14001 certification, you can contact us here.

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