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What is an ISO Audit?

In order to become ISO certified, you must undergo audits – an ongoing process that ensures that your business continues to meet the requirements of your certification. In this blog, the Mark1 team has broken down this process, so that you can plot your ISO journey and plan for the future.

Stage One Audits

Otherwise known as an assessment, this stage one audit is designed to assess the design and implementation of your system. Undertaken by an accredited auditor, the aim of a stage one audit is not to present perfect operations, but to gain an understanding of how the process is going. You will be assessed against your targets and the outlines of the ISO standard you are pursuing. After stage one, you will receive a detailed report that highlights minor (to be resolved quickly and internally) and major (to be resolved via plans agreed with your auditor) non-conformities. This stage of your certification journey is designed to be constructive and supportive.

Stage Two Audits

The next audit, stage two, is usually held several months after your stage one audit is completed. Evaluating your management system in its entirety, this audit has two possible outcomes. The first is that your auditor will recommend you for ISO certification, and the second is that they may highlight areas that require further improvement in order to be recommended. You may conclude a stage two audit with a Corrective Action Plan, or simply a certificate of certification.

Surveillance Audits

ISO standards are designed to promote continual improvement and consistency, so surveillance audits will be ongoing to ensure that you are still on track. You will need to be recertified every three years, and surveillance audits are a useful way to identify and solve any issues before this recertification needs to be undertaken, streamlining the process.

For more information on the ISO audit process, you can speak to the Mark1 experts here.

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