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What Is A Quality Management System?

What is a quality management system?

As you work towards ISO certification, the paperwork and auditing required can feel quite overwhelming, particularly on a company-wide scale. With a long list of tasks and checks to complete while actively monitoring your progress, investing in a quality management system can save you time and money throughout your ISO journey. 

What does ISO QMS mean?

There are lots of acronyms associated with certification – at Mark1, our expert team can break them down for you, making the process of gaining certification easier and more accessible. ISO (The International Organisation for Standardisation) develops the exemplary standards that businesses then prove that they have met, assuring existing and potential customers that they are providing the highest quality service. A Quality Management System (or QMS) can help to streamline the timeline to ISO accreditation; read on to find out how. 

Quality Management System Software

A QMS provides a clear framework for strategic growth and enhanced profitability, allowing you to assess your progress at a glance. These days, a QMS is more likely to be virtual than paper-based. Paperless quality management systems – like our Titan software – are supportive of both the planet and your efforts towards ISO success. The Titan system has been developed by experts at Mark1 to be very user-friendly, and can be integrated into your existing IT network without hassle or extensive remodelling.  

The Benefits of Paperless Quality Management Systems 

A paperless system like Titan ensures that all of your documentation is accessible from anywhere, a vital capability when supporting colleagues who work from home, or those who travel for work. This also allows back-ups to be made, so that in a worst-case scenario your data will be safeguarded. Most importantly, paperless quality systems like Titan can ensure that no steps are missed or over-complicated; we can provide an easy framework that can be tailored to your individual requirements. 

To talk to our team about quality management systems and how Titan can support your ISO certification goals, you can contact us here.


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