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What Is A Quality Management System – And Why Does My Business Need One?

Quality management system

A QMS, or quality management system, is a vital tool that can streamline the daily functions of your business, as well as supporting you on your journey to ISO certification. In this blog, we will highlight the many benefits of an ISO QMS, and explain how quality management can influence potential clients.

What is Quality Management?

Quality management is all about documentation, with a focus on long-term improvement. Your QMS should include policies and procedures, and define necessary controls, so that you and your organisation can keep track of every detail of providing your products and services. Once you have evidenced the most efficient ways to run your business, you can revisit your procedures to refine and improve them.

The Benefits of Quality Management Systems

QMS systems facilitate constant growth and refinement. They can help you to identify areas where costs can be lowered, provide terms of reference for your staff, and promote the effective use of resources and time. Quality management systems also support consistency, which is a key aspect of customer satisfaction; having clearly defined quality control ensures that everyone using your product or service will enjoy the same levels of professionalism and efficiency. 

What a QMS Means to Your Target Audience

First and foremost, a good quality management system is a commitment to meeting or exceeding the expectations of your clients. Reputation precedes you – if your existing clients have witnessed your dedication to exemplary service, they are far more likely to recommend you. Quality systems are not just aiming to highlight what you are doing well, but also help you to improve and learn: a key component of successful ISO certification.

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