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What does COP26 mean for ISO 14001?

ISO 14001

The UK is currently hosting the COP26 Climate Change Conference – and with various goals and objectives being reported across news outlets, it might seem challenging to translate global agreements into industry consequences. Today, we want to talk about the potential consequences of the COP26 conference on ISO 14001, and how being ISO compliant can make your business better for the planet.

First, ISO 14001 compliance requires effective and responsible handling of waste. Making renewable choices wherever possible and committing to quality waste disposal in all other instances, ensures that your business is using resources in a sustainable manner. COP26 is mandating this on a much larger scale, such as encouraging a rapid and supported switch to electric vehicles, and universally placing investment in renewable energy and products. By being ISO 14001 compliant in your waste disposal procedures, your business is working towards the same goals as world leaders in eco-friendly practices.

Another aspect of COP26 that can be useful in a business model is the emphasis on legal compliance. Signing agreements to ambitious emissions reduction targets is just one way in which countries are holding themselves accountable, and this commitment is echoed in the legal restrictions that ISO 14001 requires your business to follow. Proving that you can uphold a standard not just within your own organisation, but on a wider stage, is a key feature of environmentalism – each country involved in the Climate Change Conference is likely to consider their own legal system in light of their targets, meaning that in future, the framework of ISO 14001 could be shaped directly by what is agreed at COP26. In fact, the ability to audit and monitor your progress is an important step in doing your bit to reduce climate change and certifying your business as an eco-friendly organisation.

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