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What Are The ISO 14001 Requirements?

ISO 14001 is a valuable and prestigious certification for your business, but what does it actually entail – and how can you achieve it? In this blog, the Mark1 team explains the specific requirements of this ISO standard, and the process of becoming certified. 

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a standard that governs environmental management systems. Which are put in place to monitor and improve the impact that your business or organisation has on the environment. It not only empowers your business to be more eco-conscious and sustainable, but can help you to avoid greenwashing, improve your image, maximise cost control, and minimise waste. The benefits of this standard are more widespread than you might think!

What Does ISO 14001 Require?

The specific requirements of ISO 14001 are too lengthy for a blog (which is why many organisations seek the help of ISO consultants like Mark1), but there are some key features that we can highlight. An Environmental Policy outlines your commitment to meeting your legal requirements and responsibilities to the surrounding ecosystem, such as limiting pollution. You will also need to evaluate environmental risks and opportunities. As well as environmental aspects (activities that have an impact on the environment, like the production of waste or using utilities like water). Furthermore, your organisation will need clear, and preferably measurable, environmental objectives. These are the goals that you set in order to collect data on your environmental impact. Which then empowers you to work to reduce it. For example, a frequently used environmental objective is the recording of monthly waste generation. Which can then be reduced through recycling and anti-waste initiatives. 

How Can Mark1 Help?

At Mark1, we are ISO experts, with delighted clients of all sizes across many different industries. Our  bespoke quality management system, Titan, was designed with customer feedback and continuous improvement in mind to help streamline the process of ISO certification. Our philosophy of making ISO standards accessible and achievable translates to everything we do.

For more information on starting your ISO 14001 journey, you can contact the Mark1 team here.

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