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What are the biggest benefits to Titan’s Document Control?

Paperwork in any business is a given, and can often be a much bigger stress factor than necessary. Most of the time, this is due to a lack of an accessible document management system, resulting in disorganisation and persistent errors from wrongly dated/labelled documents; contributing to wasted time and profit.

In the respect, Titan’s document control is incredibly valuable, and here are five of the biggest benefits to clarify why:

  1. One system fits all

Titan’s document control supports any format, meaning that you can upload and store many different types of documents, as long as your computer can support them. For example, you can store pdf files, word documents, Visio diagrams, excel spreadsheets – anything that needs organising and filing as a vital part of your business.

  1. ISO accreditation

Whether your business is focused on gaining ISO 9001, 14001, or 18001; Titan’s document control may be the first or last step needed for such success. This is because all documents are stored in compliance with Healthy and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management standards – literally completing the legwork for you.

  1. Easy on the Eye

Not only is Titan’s document control simple to use; its interface is very user-friendly. For example, everything you need to know about a document is featured on one page. The name, version, area, format, issue date, amount of pages, location of not just one, but multiple documents, can be viewed without the need to scroll.

  1. Keeping up to date

By making obsolete documents unavailable, you can be assured that employees will be using up-to-date records, important data and information, no matter the format. This drastically decreases the risk of having errors as a consequence of misinformation; a valuable asset that’s simple but extremely effective.

  1. Keeping track

For any changes you make, Titan keeps track and updates the system, so that all alterations can be recorded in the history box. This is especially useful to communicate changes to your workforce, thus enhancing your time and cost efficiency.


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