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What Are The 3 Key Components of ISO?

ISO standards might seem complicated, but at their core, every ISO certification has the same three key components. In this blog, the Mark1 team are breaking down these requirements to help you to prioritise your approach to your ISO journey.

Meeting Customer Requirements

Whether you work with international organisations or individual clients, customer focus is at the core of all ISO standards. This does not just mean that quality assurance and consistency is required.  It incorporates many other aspects of the brand-customer relationship. Including providing environmentally responsible products (ISO 14001), and storing their data safely (ISO 27001). Ultimately, ISO standards are not just about impressing customers. But ensuring that they trust your brand to deliver top quality results every single time. This is one of the most successful ways to build a loyal customer base.

Implementation of Standard Requirements

Each standard sets out specific requirements that must be adhered to in order to become certified. These are carefully written by industry experts, and are applicable to organisations of any size in every country worldwide. They also include legal requirements and responsibilities, ensuring that every product or service is of the highest quality once it reaches the consumer. Every step of your process should be carefully monitored and optimised in order to achieve this.

Continuous Improvement

ISO standards not only require you to meet the stipulations set out within their legislation, but to continually strive to improve and optimise your processes. Your certification will be reviewed every three years. Meaning that best practices will continually evolve alongside your business. These standards not only signify to your customers that you are detail-oriented and conscientious. But that you are dedicated to improving and innovating to make their experience better.

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