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Top Benefits of a Paperless (Quality) Management System

 A paperless Management System provides the ability to manage the digitisation of confidential and sensitive records. Paperless systems save a tremendous amount of time and eliminate waste because the information doesn’t need to be provided in a hard copy. Paperless systems are the most effective Management Systems and are globally recognized with various accreditation such as ISO9001 and ISO14001. Let us look at some of the “Top Benefits of a Paperless Management System”.

Time Reduction

Online access of documents drastically reduces the cycle time of changing and approving the documents. It’s very usual to see the completion times shrink when using the paperless management system.  It is easy to change and correct any errors or omissions. It can also increases response time to customers.

Tracking Ability

The firm’s management can easily track and monitor each step in the review process. This streamlines resource requirements and helps manage the timeline. This can be particularly helpful in managing the quality of output with tight deadlines.

Less Waste

Compared to a traditional paper-bound system the paperless management system reduces the need for duplicate copies. This green focus is very important for companies that want to promote being environmental friendly.


One of the biggest benefits of paperless management system is its accuracy.

Increased Security

Physical documents are more difficult to secure that electronic document.  The paperless management system helps in protecting sensitive information about a company in a secure manner without getting damaged or stolen.

Faster Review

A paperless system review takes less time than the traditional paper process.

Most of the paperless system users around the globe find that a large portion of their on-site assessments for accreditation occurs in a conference room with verification of various selected samples from the paperless management system.   These types of surveillance are generally concluded faster than the more traditional paperwork process.

Why not take the first step and look to implement a paperless quality and or environmental management system with Mark 1, we are currently offering a 30 day free trial of out paperless system.

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