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Top 10 Benefits of a Quality Management System

It used to be thought that a Quality Management System (QMS) was for companies’ operating in the manufacturing sector but this is no longer the case. All businesses can benefit from having a QMS in place and here are the top 10 benefits of a Quality Management System that makes it suitable for a wide variety of firms and businesses.

1. Increased level of efficiency

One of the biggest plus points of a QMS is that it makes a firm think about their operations and actions. Creating guidelines for tasks that are undertaken daily or regularly improves efficiency and it ensures that training templates and plans can be created. Having structure in place helps a business to run more effectively.

2. Increased level of profits

Research from a number of bodies, including the business school of Harvard, found that firms who utilise QMS effectively have higher level of efficiency and productivity. They are exposed to fewer risks and they have a better level of financial performance, all of which adds up to higher profits. Investing in external support from firms like https://mark1systems.com/ can pay dividends in the long run.

3. Improve the morale of your employees

A good QMS allows roles to be defined and for employees to have responsibility assigned to them. Anything which makes the working day and career progression clearer for a person is going to make them feel happier and more confident at work, boosting their morale.

4. Make better decisions

Businesses shouldn’t be making key decisions on intuition or a “gut feeling”. Having proper procedures and structure in place will ensure that decisions are made based on rationality, logic and an understanding of what has happened in the past. Having the ability to make better decisions will enable a firm to make continuous improvements to what they offer.

5. Improve relations between suppliers and vendors

Firms should know that their relationship with other parties in the supply chain impacts on their overall level of success. It is possible to integrate a level of mutually beneficially success into relationships and this is a key component of QMS. A good QMS provides a platform to judge suppliers and then to carry out audits of the ongoing work being undertaken.

6.  Keep better control of records and documents

The emergence of the computer era hasn’t made document control any easier, in fact, it has brought new challenges. Two staff members working on different versions of the same document can cause great problems but QMS helps to manage the use, updating and finalising of documents. QMS helps to provide a simple guideline for using documents and for informing others of what is in use.

7. Improve your consistency

One of the biggest factors in the success of QMS is that it helps to bring consistency to the workplace. A business that is able to operate in the same manner on a consistent basis will improve their output and also give customers, clients and interested parties a greater level of confidence in what they provide and offer. In the long run, firms that operate consistently are more likely to achieve success.

8. Improve customer satisfaction

Following on from the improved level of consistency, the use of QMS can really boost the level of customer satisfaction that a firm receives. QMS can also be used to better manage and develop relationships with a client, which will help to develop a genuine relationship.

9. Review management levels

While most firms find it easy to manage and review lower level employees, the review of management professionals can be a trickier situation. The use of QMS can allow upper management bodies to review the effectiveness, adequacy and suitability of the QMS of the firm, and of the overall running of the company.

10. Take better control of internal controls

After procedures and processes have been established, firms have to review the effectiveness of these controls and how well they are being utilised. QMS can help to establish the internal controls, like audits to ensure that a firm remains on top of any or all of the issues they may be facing.


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