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Titan’s Waste Handling System

At the core of ISO 14001 is the management of environmental impacts within businesses; an accreditation that confirms a business’ dedication to being environmentally responsible. This is an important duty, and is not without its challenges, which is why it’s fundamental that an effective Environmental Management System is in place, not only to secure ISO 14001, but to ensure that your business is adhering to modern day green standards.

Amongst Titan’s many other management utilities, Waste Handling is a key component and enabler in sustaining a stable, environmentally friendly business.

Firstly, Titan can be used as a record to monitor waste handling and its requirements. By creating a ‘New Item’, you can detail all areas of this particular waste management to uphold its effectiveness, from managing the carrier licence and its applicable date, an automated reminder when this is due. You can also add Duty of Care notes where appropriate, ensuring the proper allocation of responsibility amongst designated employees.

Once ‘New Items’ of waste handling have been created, Titan allows you to monitor and control these processes within the business. Are the waste handling procedures up to date? Such questions can easily be monitored:

Moreover, reviewing waste handling is an important stage in the overall process. By using Titan’s ability to review, you can deactivate systems that are either no longer effective or needed. But this does not eliminate them, rather; it ensures awareness of past systems that have been or are in place, in case a situation arises where a record of such tasks is required.

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