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Titan Updates: New Legal Register Section

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Recently, our Quality Management System Software Titan has gone through some major updates to the Legal Register section. After a few months in development, this section is now much more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and overall optimised. In this blog, we want to explain the positive implications that the revision of the Legal Register updates has, and how our policy of continuous improvement can enhance your Titan experience.

Enhancing User Experiences

Before this update, there was an independent legal register for each client, which was manually inputted. Although this process was adequate and information was relevant to the legal register, when we identified that legislation had been updated, it was a manual process of informing each individual customer. Our new approach creates a central library, which allows each client to select relevant legislation at will. Now, we can update this central library in response to legislation changes, and all clients will automatically receive this. This makes the whole implementation process much easier. Therefore, users will be notified of any changes upon logging in, which will demonstrate that users have read and understood any changes.

ISO Certification with Titan

We designed Titan to be a bespoke Quality Management System (QMS) that prioritised user experience and seamless integration into an existing Management System. We actively seek and respond to user feedback, so the system is constantly being improved – like the Legal Register section. Our Internally Managed Titan package, best suited to clients who have adequate resources but still want some guidance. This package gives full access to the Titan System with initial and on-hand training, as well as some follow-up assistance. If you require more support, this can also be arranged to suit you. 

Continual Improvements: Mark’s Thoughts

Don’t just take our word for it – we asked Mark to give us his thoughts on the Legal Register update, and have collected them here for you to demonstrate just how useful it will be.

  • “Compared to what was previously available, there is far more information contained in the new library.”
  • “The experience of using the Legal Register section is extremely user-friendly now.”
  • “Increased proactive reporting is always incredibly helpful, and this update supports it.”
  • “The presentation of the Legal Register is increased.”
  • “You can add legislation to the library so much more quickly now – this will save so much time!”

For more information, or to ask for a demonstration of our Titan QMS, you can contact the Mark1 team here

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