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Titan Updates: New Aspects and Impacts Section

What is a quality management system?

At Mark1, we are committed to continual improvement, particularly in response to customer feedback. As a result our Integrated Management System, Titan, has gone through some major updates to the Risk section recently. In this blog, we will outline the new Aspects and Impacts section, and explain how it can help you to thoroughly understand your environmental impact. 

ISO 14001 and Enhanced Experiences

Before this update, the risks and associated aspects and impacts were generally documented within the risks section in Titan. Or there was an additional stand alone aspect document. The new update now specifically identifies the aspects and impacts, which are linked to the individual risks. Therefore giving the user a clear picture of risk, aspects and impacts.  We have now formalised the methodology of identifying any aspects and impacts, making it easier to follow.

The new section is integrated within the existing Risk section, and uses our 5×5 matrix of likelihood and severity in consideration with situation and risk measure. This allows you to determine a significance and a positive/negative outcome. Furthermore, the aspect report section can be filtered and colour coded, the aspect measure section allows you to select a third factor alongside likelihood and severity depending on which is most relevant to your business. These can be frequency, cost, or legal. 

ISO Certification with Titan

The bespoke elements of Titan allow us to prioritise user experience, and enable the sleek integration of Titan into each client’s existing IT network. Whether you require additional support or simply the software package and training, there is a Mark1 package to suit you. Titan can be provided on an Internally Managed or a Supported by Consultancy basis, ensuring that your path to ISO certification is streamlined and effective.

Continual Improvements: Mark’s Thoughts 

We asked Mark to give us his thoughts on the updated Aspects and Impacts section – here is what he said!

  • “This gives our users a visual demonstration of their impact, over and above what the risk section already does.”
  • “We can now drive improvements through objectives more easily, which are linked to the risks and aspects.”
  • “The update clearly identifies not only negative, but positive impacts too. This aligns with driven improvements.”
  • “Titan now clearly evidences all the pertinent sections of ISO 14001.”

For more information, or to ask for a demonstration of our Titan QMS, you can contact the Mark1 team here.

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