Quality: It's not magic, it's a system.

Are you drowning in documentation? Is the stress of ISO implementation getting you down? All this can be a thing of the past with Titan.

Empower your team,
achieve excellence.

Ditch the ISO implementation stress! Mark1 offers a hands-on approach with Titan Software, your ultimate revolutionising partner for ISO management.

Effortlessly manage ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and 45001 in one cloud-based solution. Titan acts as your intuitive all-in-one online system, simplifying implementation and maintenance. Clients love its user-friendliness, making ISO compliance a breeze.

But that’s not all! Our certified Lead Auditor Consultants provide an invaluable strategic review prior to the implementation process. Discussions about the strategic direction of the business and goals during the ISO process will be identified. This ensures your ISO certifications are integrated within the business, as opposed to just a certificate on the wall!

Experience the power of Titan Software! Get in touch today and discover how our tailored package streamlines your ISO management. Let us guide you towards an efficient system that has the ability to cover the quality, environmental responsibility, and health & safety standards.

Titan is a great piece of software that enables the business to maintain its management system and achieve continued compliance with business objectives and procedures.

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Saving you time, and money

Say goodbye to the out of hand filing cabinet that hasn’t been touched in years. With Titan, you can save time on money with the cloud based ISO process. This eliminates the hassle of printing and filing. Time is valuable, let Titan handle documentation and formalise processes.

Quality: Built in, not bolted on.

On hand support

No long waiting times if you struggle to navigate the system or have any queries about usability. Initial free training (in sessions) to help navigate the system.

Achieve certification

Companies are able to advertise their use of an internationally recognised certification, leading to expansion of opportunities which aren’t available pre MS.

Paperless MS

Save money on paper, streamline processes, secure, quicker to access and manage, less waste. Cloud based, saves time. Consultants are able to remotely review and advise accordingly.

Integrated into your current MS

Each package tailored to each client to fit in with their current MS.

Notifications and alerts

Email reminders 30 days in advance of any actions which need attention. Eliminates actions which are missed

Full traceability

Full control data storage in one place. Past records available to see traceability.

Easily accessible through web browser / phone

Access at any time, make amendments / additions during site visits. Removes complications, everything in one place.

Add multiple standards

Have your 9, 14,27 & 45 MS in one place. Eliminate duplications. One singular MS, streamlined processes.

Developed by experienced practising consultants

Quality of processes will increase, costs due to inefficiency and waste will decrease.

Strategic growth

Aids when selling a business. Integrity and value will be apparent with a well documented process. Proof of quality. Ensure reputation

Different permissions

Full control over the users permissions levels. Able to edit / view only if needed. Top management have full control over their own system.

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