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The power of collaboration: Mark1 & Equitix Management Services


Mark1 Systems are an ISO consultancy that exclusively deal with UKAS accredited certification bodies. Established in 2003, they have a 100% success rate for their client’s gaining certification on their first attempt.

We chat with Brandon Nolan from Mark1, about the experience of working with Equitix Management Services to gain multiple certifications from Alcumus ISOQAR.

What have you been retained to do: just support implementation or is it a long term thing

Initially we were brought on board to implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001. This has resulted in us providing ongoing support and maintenance with the three standards. We have now been working with Equitix Management Services since 2018 and have developed a long term positive working relationship with all of their various locations. We look forward to continuing to work with Equitix and providing our professional services to fit their business requirements.

How do you calculate what it will cost the client?

The initial process is to establish what systems the company has implemented currently, against the requirements of the ISO standards. A plan is then developed to demonstrate an implementation scheme for the associated responsibilities. For example, the requirements from Equitix and Mark1 as a collective.

What’s your process when you start work with them? Do you do a mini audit to see where they currently are and what their strengths and weaknesses are?

A strategic review is undertaken with top management on first visit. This is to establish the companies Scope, Risks, Objectives and relevant Legal requirements. A bespoke design is then formulated that fits around the business needs. From here, we then undertake Internal Audits, compile associated Documentation, provide Training and conduct Management Reviews. This solidified process ensures all relevant clauses within the standards are covered.

How do you ensure the client still takes ownership of the management system?

Ownership of the management system is established as part of the Strategic Review. This is verified within the various Internal Audits, KPI measures and Management Reviews. The roles and responsibilities are identified within our Integrated Management System Software; Titan, which offers email reminders to the associated person to keep on top of all relevant aspects.



Equitix Management Services provide management services in the infrastructure, renewables and real estate sectors. Operating since 2014, they have ventured into new sectors such as renewable energy, and new territories such as Italy and Ireland. They strive for continuous improvement in everything they do. Simon Melia, Director, at Equitix tells us about their experience of working with Mark1.

Why did you decide to use a consultant?

When we set off on the journey to develop an IMS and formalise and document our policies, working practises and procedures, we wanted to do it to the highest possible standard, which we recognised to be ISO. We recognised that we didn’t have the specific expertise within our personnel to interpret the standards effectively and so, needed the assistance of a consultant to ensure that we could.

How did you choose Consultant Mark 1 Systems?

A handful of our team had worked with Mark Nolan on the development of a QMS at a previous company and we enjoyed the experience, liked the team, the service delivery and the TITAN system that they proposed to use to host our IMS.

How do you keep in touch with the consultant?

We speak regularly to discuss anything IMS really, and then we have regular internal audits conducted by Mark1 to ensure that we’re consistently meeting the 9/14/45001 standards across our UK and Ireland office estate.

What advice would you give to others when trying to decide on what consultant to use? What should they look out for?

Aside from the obvious, in that your consultant should have a track record of successful service delivery and the required experience, expertise and qualifications, it’s important for us to work with people that value relationships, are personable and professional, and who we can lift the phone to at any time for assistance. We get all of that from Mark1 Systems.

Looking back, would you do anything different?

No. We have an excellent working relationship with Mark and his team, which has helped us to achieve ISO 9/14/45001 accreditation across our full office estate over a two-year period, with no observations or NCR’s. I definitely wouldn’t change that!

There are many reasons why you may want to use an ISO consultant when building and implementing your management system. For more information you can contact the Mark1 team here.

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