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The Key benefits of a Paperless Management System

paperless management system

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact that waste has on the environment and we all have a responsibility to achieve a reduction in our carbon footprint. One such way is by having a cloud-based paperless ISO management system. Not only can such a system help to control the environmental impact of a business’s activities, there are numerous other distinct advantages that ‘going paperless’ can bring.

Whatever ISO standard you are looking to achieve, here are some of the other key areas that benefit from the introduction of a paperless ISO management system.

  1. Time: Having an electronic system is far more practical and saves valuable time that may have been previously spent searching for physical documentation. It is much easier and faster to amend any errors in documents and speeds up response time to customers, shrinking completion times overall. Automated email reminders for actions raised, means less time spent scheduling, and improves accuracy, as you are less likely to miss any tasks pending. Not only can you save time in your daily business activities when sorting through paperwork, it can also speed up time spent searching for documentation in an assessment itself making this process easier. 
  2. Accessibility:  With a rise in ‘agile working’ the ability to access information readily is becoming increasingly important. With a paperless system, all necessary information can be stored in one place AND can be accessible at anytime and anywhere in the world. Online access to documents can aid workflows and significantly reduce completion times, both internally and externally. Not only this, travel times and their associated costs can also be reduced as well as further cutting down on waste emissions.
  3. Cost: There is still a significant amount of money spent on paper within the UK each year, and with this comes the additional costs of paperwork management (filing, storing, distributing). Although adopting any new kind of software will come with a cost, the benefits can far outweigh this expense.
  4. Tracking Ability and Real Time Monitoring: You can easily track and monitor each step in the review process in real time, thereby increasing your ability to identify trends which in turn helps to streamline your processes and truly identify your resource requirements. Tracking ability ensures accountability at all stages, keeping a record of all amendments, whilst making sure it is clear as to who made changes and when these were done.
  5. Increased Security: It is much harder to secure a physical document than its electronic equivalent; it is far easier to lose, misuse or damage a paper document that needs to be circulated. As well as being password protected, a system such as Titan™ also allows controlled viewing and editorial permissions dependent on the degree of sensitivity of materials stored. If you are looking to achieve ISO 27001, the information security standard, a paperless system often makes compliance a lot easier. 

At Mark1 we have developed Titan™ a cost-effective paperless system that brings you all these benefits and so much more. And it is priced in a way that will help you to see a real return on your investment.

Titan™ has been developed to be user friendly and has successfully provided support to thousands of business users up to date. It is continually reviewed and improved, at no extra cost, and the Implementation of such a system has proven to be one of the most effective ways of achieving UKAS accredited ISO certification for a variety of standards including ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

Are you still using a paper-based ISO system? Or are yet to consider the benefits that an ISO system can bring to your business? If you have any questions, please give us a call on (+44) 0161 359 4329 or email us at info@mark1systems.com and we’ll be happy to help.


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