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The Benefit of an Environmental Management System

Environmental management system

Pressure for corporations to monitor and build upon efficiency in regards to their carbon footprint has never been higher, with estimates that at the current rate, global warming could become irreversible by 2024.

EU and UK government initially set targets to address such concerns seeking to reduce corporate emissions by 34% and 80% in 2020 and 2050 respectively. Targets were updated in June 2019 requiring the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Making the UK the first major economy to pass net zero emissions law.

ISO 14001 can be used to drive these improvements.

So how can you ensure your organisation achieves ISO 14001 compliance standards?

The Environmental Management System (EMS) from Mark 1 Business Systems.

This system will enable your organisation to address the core values of ISO 14001; Plan, Do, Check, Act and Continuous Improvement.

Let me explain…

This system from Mark 1 Business Systems provides five key benefits to your organisation in achieving ISO 14001 compliance.

 1. Plan – Monitor Performance

Removing paper documentation from the process frees up space but significantly improves accuracy and efficiency when monitoring environmental data by going online. This allows for informed and strategic decisions to be made concerning environmental performance.

2. Do – Save Money

Investment in green technologies can reduce your organisations long term dependency on costly resources and energy. Whilst our system will also help you to identify areas to reduce excessive waste and capitalise on green tax breaks and government incentives.

3. Check – Identify Opportunities

Our system enables opportunities to be identified which could enable your business to cut costs, avoid prosecution and increase your community commitment. However, this system also educates in how to better manage your organisations environmental impact.

4.Act – Legal Compliance

Our system ensures that your organisation adheres to UK and EU environmental legislation thus removing the risk of legal prosecution and non compliance.

5.Continuous Improvement – Reduce Carbon Footprint

Ultimately, the goal of our EMS is to reduce your organisations environmental impact, both improving efficiency, saving money and boosting your Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.

Why not try a free 30 day trial of our Titan system today?

Who we are

The EMS system will help you achieve the ISO 14001 compliance standards effectively, complimented by an unrivalled Consultancy service from Mark 1 Business Systems.

Established since 2003, our collection of experts provide an honest and personable approach to proving EMS, building upon efficiencies and continuous improvement.

We also offer FREE implementation, FREE upgrades and FREE staff training. With security guarantees, online support and no hidden costs.

Contact us on 0161 359 4329 or email info@mark1systems.com to start reducing your companies environmental impact today.

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