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ISO 27001 certification

By achieving ISO 27001 certification you will gain a robust Information Security management system which will introduce best-practice security measures and procedures, thereby significantly reducing the risk of a security breach and its associated impacts.

It shows that a company is compliant to legislation and is committed to managing their security risks, benefitting both customer and employee alike. From this, preventative measures are taken to reduce the loss of business and protect your business and its assets.

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An introduction to ISO 27001

  • ISO 27001 is a standard that provides the specification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It is one of the best known and most popular security standards across the globe.

  • Information Security is an increasingly important topic on the agenda for all sorts and sizes of organisation. ISO 27001 can provide your company with the ideal framework to set the control measures and objectives needed when introducing a new or improved ISMS.

10 Reasons to achieve ISO 27001

  1. Win new business from tenders
  2. Build and ensure trust between interested parties
  3. Protect and enhance your reputation
  4. Avoid penalties associated with data breaches
  5. Showcase how your company is serious about managing security of information 
  6. Improve structure and focus
  7. Reduce human errors
  8. Comply with business, legal and regulatory requirements 
  9. Reduce the need for frequent audits 
  10. Promptly detect incidents of security breach and take action

Our ISO 27001 services

We offer multipe ISO 9001 services through two routes; supported by consultancy and self-managed. Here’s a list of the individual services we offer:
Information Risk & Risk Management
Offer our ISO Management System (Titan) / ISO 27001 MS Installation
Set Control Measures
Audits carried out on your ISMS
Implement Policies and Procedures
Standardising and Documenting
Gap Analysis
Data protection

Your routes to achieving ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 certification supported by consultancy

This package is for clients who have adequate resources but want to be guided on achieving ISO 27001 Certification. Full accessibility of the Titan System, with appropriate templates and training will be available. On hand virtual support is accessible.

Self-managed ISO 27001 certification

This package is perfect if you are determined to gain your ISO 27001 certification on the first attempt. You will get full access to the Titan System, alongside support with our consultants including on-site visits and virtual meetings.


ISO 27001 FAQs

ISO 27001, also known as ISO/IEC 27001:2022, is the standard which covers information security. This standard provides guidelines for the management of an information security management system. 

Continual improvement, correction action, documentation and management responsibility are all specifications covered in the ISO 27001 standard. Essentially, this standard requires the cooperation of different sections of a business complying with the regulatory and legal requirements.

Through implementation of ISO 27001, data security across your organisation is increased. Because of this, sensitive and confidential information within an organisation is secure, meaning compliance to legal obligations is ensured. With this standard implemented, it can bring a sense of security about the workplace, while minimising your organisation’s risk exposure.

By Achieving ISO 27001 certification, you are able to demonstrate to different stakeholders that your organisation takes cyber and data security seriously. This will help win new business from tenders and develop an enhanced reputation with existing clients.

The Cost of consultancy is very much dependent on the size and scope of your company. We will always offer a free visit to assess your company’s requirements and provide a no obligation quote based on this initial assessment together with an estimated completion date.

If we implement The Titan System we will set up a fixed monthly subscription fee on a flexible rolling contract. Prices for both are available on request here.

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