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ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 provides a systematic means of understanding and controlling the impact your organisation has on the environment. Cost savings can be made through improved efficiency and productivity, helping to reduce bills and enhance environmental sustainability.

This is achieved by detecting ways to minimise waste and appropriately dispose of it, and by learning how to use energy more efficiently. It ensures you are compliant with environmental legislation and also makes insurance cover more accessible.

An introduction to ISO 14001

  • ISO 14001 is the International Environmental Management Standard (EMS). It is the most widely-recognised Environmental accreditation of its kind. It demonstrates an organisation’s dedication to controlling the environmental impact of its activities.
  • ISO 14001 actively controls the way organisations understand and manage their ‘footprint’, to ensure sustainability, prevent pollution and protect the environment

10 Reasons to achieve ISO 14001

  1. Improve Environmental Performance
  2. Reduce Insurance Premiums
  3. Ensure You Are Meeting Regulatory and Legal Requirements
  4. Improved Public and Private Sector Tender chances 
  5. Reduce Operational Waste
  6. Increased reputation with consumers
  7. Reduce Your Consumption of Raw Materials
  8. Improved corporate image 
  9. Communicating environmental related information
  10. Reduction in energy use, reducing the fixed cost of running your business

Our ISO 14001 services

We offer multipe ISO 14001 services through two routes; supported by consultancy and self-managed. Here’s a list of the individual services we offer:

Carry out comprehensive Audits
Access to our Legal Register
Effectively document complaints
Document Aspect and Impacts
Facilitate document control
Access to substantial legal database
Create clearly defined, measurable objectives
Identify the need for on-going training
Handle waste streams effectively
Reduce the risk of legal prosecution

Your routes to achieving ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 certification supported by consultancy

This package is perfect if you are determined to gain your ISO 14001 certification on the first attempt. You will get full access to the Titan System, alongside support with our consultants including on-site visits and virtual meetings.

Self-managed ISO 14001 certification

This package is for clients who have adequate resources but want to be guided on achieving ISO 14001 Certification. Full accessibility of the Titan System, with appropriate templates and training will be available. On hand virtual support is accessible.

Becoming ISO 14001 Certified


  • Add your business departments
  • Add Users, create username and give top level authorisation (most user only)
  • Select User then, select Permissions, give appropriate permissions for user


  • Complete Strategic Review document (provided) with top management
  • Risk/New Assessment
  • Fill in form with information from Strategic Review, a new risk per line item.
  • Link to relevant Objectives and Legislation
  • Risk/Reports ‐ review the information you have entered


  • Objective/New Objective – fill in all fields
  • Proposed date – suggest end of your financial year
  • Example – Objective Increase Sales, Target by 10%


  • Legal Compliance/New Legislation – fill in all fields
  • New Legislation/Summary – this is a summary of the legislation
  • New Legislation/How are the legal… This is how your company complies with this legislation
  • New Legislation/Website Links – you can enter multiple links to websites in here


  • Assets/New Asset – fill in all fields
  • Add event by completing: Title, Start Date and Frequency
  • Add History by clicking edit on the event
  • You can add multiple events and multiple history per event


  • Training/Training Modules – New Module
  • Training/List Employees/click
  • Employee/Training Module – Fill in all fields
  • Training/Group Training – As above but for multiple people at once
  • Training/Reports/Main Training List -Ensure competence levels are identified for all areas of the business


  • Complaints/New Complaint – fill in all fields, especially Summary, Root Cause and Corrective Action
  • Complaints/Show List/Edit Complaint/Closing – Identify root cause from previous entry
  • Complaints/Show List/Edit
  • Complaint/Actions – Identify actions from previous corrective Action entry
  • Complaints/Show List/Edit Complaint/Financial – Enter relevant cost of quality (cost to business)


  • Documents/Show All Documents
  • Upload Document
  • Click on document – Amend Details / Upload New Version
  • Delete – If you delete this is not retrievable


  • Audits/New Audit – Fill in all details
  • Add Plan Entry – these are the questions for the audit – you can add as many questions as you like
  • Plan Entry/Edit – Can add Evidence and Comments
  • Plan Entry/Edit – Can raise an action by clicking the Create Action box

ISO 14001 FAQs

ISO 14001 takes into consideration multiple aspects of your business, so that the environmental impact is reduced. Because of this, constant evaluations regarding emergence response are brought into consideration. Along with relationships with local communities, stakeholders and customer expectations. Ultimately, this internationally recognised standard specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

Through implementation of ISO 14001, a clear framework is developed which a company can follow to work towards an effective environmental management system. Mark1 is committed to supporting you in maintaining and upholding exacting standards in environmental management, we work with you to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and continually review the way you operate. Such a system can introduce a more efficient process for using resources and reducing waste.

ISO 14001 Certification can enable a business to branch out to new sectors. The globally recognised certificate can make you more attractive to clients and suppliers, if you are demonstrating you are consciously making an environmental impact. Contemporary ISO 14001 certified organisations are asking their suppliers and other companies in their supply chain to carry certification if they want to do business with them. The same goes for the public markets.

The Cost of consultancy is very much dependent on the size and scope of your company. We will always offer a free visit to assess your company’s requirements and provide a no obligation quote based on this initial assessment together with an estimated completion date.

If we implement The Titan System we will set up a fixed monthly subscription fee on a flexible rolling contract. Prices for both are available on request here.

ISO 14001 client testimonials

Our business is dependent on robust processes and outstanding products so it was natural for us to seek ISO accreditation. Working with Mark 1 gave us the direction and support we needed to achieve the standard. We are dedicated to sustaining this now and building on this success

Brian Lee - Managing Director

As global operators in compliance, risk management and crisis control, upholding exacting standards is mandatory. Achieving ISO accreditation, with the support of Mark 1, is testament to our commitment to excellence.

Simon Dooner - Director of Legionella Control International

It was a rigorous process however Mark 1 provided excellent guidance and support from start to finish and we are absolutely delighted with the outcome. We have now achieved status in both quality and environmental management which enables us to expand our client base as the certification is a necessary requirement for many customers, in particular those working within the public sector.

Anthony Francis - Managing Director, Mayfield Floors

The team at Mark1 have been fully involved in the support and maintenance of our ISO9001 and 14001 systems since 2016. The use of the Titan System, being online has removed the need for inefficient paper records and enabled staff access from multiple locations, by using these systems the update of records, audits, management reviews and assessments can be conducted more efficiently. We greatly value the advice, input and full involvement from Mark1 in all aspects of our quality and environmental systems

Paul Whitehead, Managing Director

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