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ISO certification in the oil and gas sector

The Oil & Gas industry is one which has impacts on the environment and consumes natural resources. Because of this, it becomes crucial for companies who operate within the Oil & Gas sector to comply with regulations and standards, with reducing environmental impact in mind. Additionally, customers also often require assurance that their suppliers are taking steps to reduce impacts while maintaining a high quality of products. As a result, the certifications an Oil & Gas company has are crucially important. Having certifications will build better relationships with suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

Why do companies operating in the oil and gas sector need ISO Certification?

It is well known that out of the UK sectors, oil & gas companies contribute to some of the highest environmental impacts. Through the implementation of ISO standards, Oil & Gas companies are able to display quality assurance and a sustainable management system. This then has the added benefit of displaying that companies are taking relevant steps to improve as a business. Therefore, gaining ISO certification has become essential. 

ISO certification within oil & gas companies also ensures a safe and healthy environment for all employees as well as customers. Due to the ISO standards being internationally recognised, this shows that the companies are working towards satisfaction of stakeholders which can attract tenders.Reduction of waste and energy management are aspects which are of high importance within this sector. ISO certification will help your company manage these. 

Benefits of ISO in the oil and gas sector

  • Win Tenders 

  • High quality Management System 

  • Improved aspects and impacts 

  • Compliance of regulations 

  • Improved competition 

  • Meet customer expectations

Your routes to achieving ISO certification in the oil and gas sector

Certification supported by consultancy

This package is perfect if you are determined to gain your ISO certification on the first attempt. You will get full access to the Titan System, alongside support with our consultants including on-site visits and virtual meetings.


Self-managed ISO certification

This package is for clients who have adequate resources but want to be guided on achieving ISO certification. Full accessibility of the Titan System, with appropriate templates and training will be available. On hand virtual support is accessible.


It is not a requirement for Scientific companies to be ISO certified. Despite this, the end user of the product or service may require you to be certified. Therefore, for the sake of tenders, it can be best practice to at least be ISO 9001 certified.

As above, ISO 9001 certification is the most popular standard within Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities companies. This is the quality management standard which ensures a solidified framework for effectiveness of products. Additionally, ISO 27001, the Information Security standard can also be applied to this sector. This can provide your company with the ideal framework to set the control measures and objectives needed when introducing a new or improved ISMS. Finally, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 can also be applied, however these tend to be industry specific.

We have developed two pathways for ISO certification. Internally managed and supported by consultancy. This means that you can achieve certification in whichever way suits your company and current Management System. Our consultants have extensive experience in the ISO world and will be there to support you through the ISO journey. All requirements of the ISO standard will be in place and thoroughly checked prior to your external assessment.

The Cost of consultancy is very much dependent on the size and scope of your company. We will always offer a free visit to assess your company’s requirements and provide a no obligation quote based on this initial assessment together with an estimated completion date.

If we implement The Titan System, we will set up a fixed monthly subscription fee on a flexible rolling contract. Prices for both are available on request here.

Testimonials from our oil and gas clients

We have worked with Mark 1 Business Systems and the Titan Cloud Based Management System for over 4 years and have found that both have become invaluable resources for our company. Mark 1 as consultants have helped us maintain and transition both our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management Systems and the use of the Titan System has made this so much easier. More recently Mark 1 has helped us Transition our ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System to the new 2017 Standard and are currently working with us on achieving the ISO 45001 certification. If you are looking for help with your Management Systems, Mark 1 and the Titan System tick all the boxes.

Bob Wylie Director - Northburn Oils Ltd

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