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ISO certification in the manufacturing & engineering sector

Businesses who operate within the Manufacturing & Engineering industry are continuously competing for products. For regulatory standards when developing into the larger markets, these companies need products to be legally approved. One of the requirements is to have ISO certification. For companies who want to compete for tenders, ISO certification (UKAS) is vital to achieve.

ISO in Manufacturing and engineering

Why Do Manufacturing & Engineering Companies Need ISO Certification?

ISO certification may not be required for Manufacturing and Engineering companies, however companies who are certified with ISO are able to display quality of processes and greater impressions. Due to many of the ISO standards being globally recognised, growing internationally is one of the key aspirations of many Manufacturing and Engineering companies. This is where the ISO standards are introduced. Withholding the ISO standards allows business to grow efficiently with compliance and maintenance of quality. Additionally, the competition between non ISO certified and ISO certified companies is evident when expanding internationally. There tends to be some misconception with implementation on ISO standard and certifications. Some companies believe it is about procedures and policies, making operations stricter. Others assume an increase in budget in the processes due to quality assurance. Despite this, there are many advantages to revenues and sales by gaining ISO certification.

Fewer errors in the Manufacturing process is one of the key advantages which the ISO standards provide. Continuous improvement and quality control is at the forefront of the processes. From this, cost reduction is an impact due to increased efficiency. In addition, elimination of non-conformances is also offered from ISO certification, preventing any downtime or issues.

Benefits of ISO in Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Reduction in errors 
  • Increased efficiency of products
  • Legislation and Government recognition & compliance
  • Increased business – retention & new 
  • Improved environmental performance

Your routes to achieving ISO certification in the manufacturing and engineering sector

Certification supported by consultancy

This package is perfect if you are determined to gain your ISO certification on the first attempt. You will get full access to the Titan System, alongside support with our consultants including on-site visits and virtual meetings.


Self-managed ISO certification

This package is for clients who have adequate resources but want to be guided on achieving ISO certification. Full accessibility of the Titan System, with appropriate templates and training will be available. On hand virtual support is accessible.


Through the implementation of ISO systems within Manufacturing & Engineering companies, trust is built between the company’s suppliers and tenders. ISO 9001 displays commitment to quality of services and customer satisfaction.  ISO 14001 shows environmental sustainability & management. You can also demonstrate health and safety aspects through ISO 45001 implementation.

Ultimately, the requirements depend on which ISO standard(s) you wish to achieve. The requirements for ISO 9001 will be around productivity, management of processes and enhancing customer requirements. The requirements of ISO 14001 are similar, however include an organisation dedication to controlling environmental impacts. The requirements of ISO 27001 are different. They focus on information security and how a company is compliant with controlling security risks. For ISO 45001, companies will need to demonstrate health & safety risks and prevent potential work-related accidents.

We have developed two pathways for ISO certification. Internally managed and supported by consultancy. This means that you can achieve certification in whichever way suits your company and current Management System. Our consultants have extensive experience in the ISO world and will be there to support you through the ISO journey. All requirements of the ISO standard will be in place and thoroughly checked prior to your external assessment.

The Cost of consultancy is very much dependent on the size and scope of your company. We will always offer a free visit to assess your company’s requirements and provide a no obligation quote based on this initial assessment together with an estimated completion date.

If we implement The Titan System, we will set up a fixed monthly subscription fee on a flexible rolling contract. Prices for both are available on request here.

Testimonials from manufacturing and engineering clients

Mark1 supported Primo through the meticulous process of achieving ISO Accreditation. In the demanding market of Specialist Vehicle Conversions Primo is providing confidence to existing and potential customers as to the effectiveness of our company

Lorraine Dunican - Registration Manager, Primo Coachworks

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