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Reducing Costs through an EMS

Environmental management system

ISO 14001 refers to the environmental compliance of an organisation where an Environmental Management System (EMS) can help to monitor action and remedy the environmental impact at an organisational level.

Many organisations want to be more environmentally friendly, yet many struggle to identify areas to improve green efficiency and then form a long term strategy. However, with mark1 systems an EMS system is not simply a box ticking task, it produces real business benefits. Below are some ideas that will allow your organisation to become a green beacon and reduce actual business costs!

Waste Reduction

With ISO14001 you could reduce your organisational waste anywhere between 30 – 50% representing a significant reduction in operating costs. Use these percentages to calculate the savings alone to your energy and waste management costs and you have a tangible incentive to adopt an environmental management system today!


An EMS looks at the way your organisation currently uses resources and identifies ways to increase efficient use and therefore reduce everyday costs.

Paper is perhaps the most notable daily resource that suffers from little regard for efficiency. A system that flags when paper stocks are running low and automatically sends a digital order for restocking is one method to integrate that will help your organisation achieve ISO4001.

Using remote signalling in this way and other analytic systems as part of an overall EMS can reduce resource costs by as much as 20%, making a difference to the bottom line.

Your team’s role

Training staff to recognise areas of environmental efficiency can significantly contribute to reducing waste and resource efficiency by adopting a top – up approach, where employees have a forum to share best practices or green initiatives to management.

This also empowers your team, boosting morale and creating green ambassadors. Note that with the rise of ethical consumerism and knowledge of the depletion of global resources widely available, your staff will appreciate efforts to reduce environmental damage.

Making a difference to the bottom line here means that your labour turnover will be reduced.


We’ve saved the fear mongering to last here, but seriously, the UK and EU governments have very real targets to cut emissions and environmental damage by 2050, and this includes penalties for non compliance.

On the flip side, adopting an environmental management system may make you eligible for certain green tax breaks, making a difference to the bottom line.

The time is now

With mark1 systems environmental management is made easy to implement, monitor and continually improve upon.

We even offer a free trial, so why not ask an expert about your options today?


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