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Quality Management with Mark1: 5 Key Principles

ISO 9001 is built on a variety of key principles that can help you to guide and improve your quality management systems and efforts. In this blog, the Mark1 team will explain the five most important principles when maintaining a QMS and seeking ISO 9001 certification.

Customer Focus 

This principle embodies both customer service and customer needs. You should strive to truly understand your customers and their needs, easing their pain points whilst providing a product or service that can meet or exceed their expectations. If you are dedicated to your customers, your customers will be dedicated to you.

Process Approach

Quality management requires you to be aware of every aspect of your processes – which enables you to optimise them, improve your consistency, and save both time and money. Using best practices can help you to limit your waste, protect the environment, and speed up your processes.


We talk about “continuous improvement” a lot here at Mark1, and it is a key principle in ISO 9001. This approach requires you to constantly strive to do better, to be more flexible, and to seek new opportunities to grow your business. The last few years have shown us all that it is imperative to build adaptability into your business model, which can allow you to evolve and thrive in challenging circumstances. 


Whilst it is beneficial for everyone in your business to be involved in your journey towards ISO 9001 certification, strong leadership is paramount. This makes it easier for everyone to work towards the goals of the business, communicate effectively, and remain engaged as employees.

Evidence-Based Decision Making 

This principle is simple and effective – every decision made on your ISO certification journey should be logical, rooted in fact, and responsive to the findings of your audits and assessments. 

For more information on the key principles of quality management, you can talk to the Mark1 team here.


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