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Quality Management Software for the Oil & Gas Sector

ISO certification has many benefits, some of which are industry-specific or particularly relevant to businesses in one area. In this blog, we will explain the positive outcomes you can expect when implementing quality management software for businesses and corporations in the oil and gas sector. 

ISO 29001: The Oil and Gas Supply Chain

A partnership between the international oil and gas industry and ISO, ISO 29001 governs the oil and gas supply chain. It is based on the familiar ISO 9001, the standard that prompts businesses to utilise quality management system software, with industry-specific supplements. It outlines the prevention of defects, the reduction of waste, and avoiding variation.

Benefits of ISO 29001

As it was developed with direct input from the industry itself, ISO 29001 is specifically designed to be auditable and actionable for oil and gas corporations. Implementing it through an oil and gas QMS ensures global consistency, which is vital for an industry in which mistakes or defects can have wide-reaching and catastrophic effects. ISO 29001 encourages improvement and best practices, strengthening the supply chain and assuring stakeholders at every stage of the process of the quality and consistency of the products.

ISO QMS: Oil and Gas with Mark1

At Mark1, we work with clients of all sizes and from all backgrounds to help them achieve their ISO certification goals. Not only have we developed our own bespoke and user-friendly QMS, Titan, but we have a long history of successful audits and delighted clients. We have seen the benefits that the ISO certification process can bring to each individual client, and we are always available to help, advise, and support. Achieving ISO certification is a key step for your company to not only comply with government  regulations, but to improve and develop as a business. Being ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified highlights a companies desire to maximise their potential to grow effectively. Here at Mark1, we have helped multiple Oil & Gas companies become ISO certified and take that next step in continually improving. 

To discuss ISO and oil and gas software with our team of friendly experts, you can contact Mark1 here.

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