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Quality Management Software for the IT Industry

The IT industry often enjoys one of the easiest routes to ISO certification. These clients are adept at using technology to support themselves, generally keep good online records that are easier to review. And are abreast of the latest developments in their industry. In this blog, we will explain how quality management software can support your IT business in pursuing ISO certification. Also, the many benefits it can have.

7 Principles of ISO QMS

There are seven principles of ISO 9001 (the quality management standard) that are immediately transferable to a QMS for the IT sector. Engagement of people and customer focus are paramount‐ the internet allows businesses to reach across the globe, and doing so effectively can lead to huge growth in your sector. The further principles of leadership, relationship management and process approach are all well-supported by technology, and facilitated by rapid and effective communication. Finally, evidence-based decision making and improvement are easier using online records, as they can be sorted and categorised effectively to identify patterns and weaknesses. 

Quality Management System Software for IT

A good QMS should be easily integrated into your existing IT network, minimising disruption and helping you to customise exactly what you need. It should also be user-friendly, and easily accessible to every employee who requires it, rather than simply senior management. One key aspect to look for is a centralised and easily navigable dashboard. This allows you to move through your QMS easily and quickly. This ensures that your software is both efficient and as useful as possible. Rather than becoming confusing or time-consuming to search through.

Mark1 and Titan

At Mark1, we have developed our own bespoke QMS, Titan, which embodies all of the features described above. Our clients, both in the IT industry and beyond, have reported great success with this software. We continuously improve and update Titan in response to client feedback, meaning that you can be assured of top quality software and support!

To talk to our team about ISO certification in the IT industry, you can contact Mark1 here.

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