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Sam Mather

Sam Mather joined us in April 2017 and has just celebrated his four-year ‘work-versary’ with the team here at Mark 1. He is one of our ISO consultants covering ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 and has worked with many of our clients and their businesses, helping them to achieve and maintain their ISO certification(s). Sam has an extensive academic background in Business Management (BA) and International Business Management (MSc). Sam was also trained in Lean Six Sigma, prior to joining us and currently holds a Green belt qualification.

To celebrate his time with us, we decided to conduct a ‘mini-interview’ to find out a little more about his journey with us so far…

Why were you interested in the joining Mark 1 as an ISO consultant in the first instance?
I was introduced to the ISO standards during my time at University and I studied ISO14001 as part of a sustainability module in my undergraduate degree in Business Management. I also studied Lean Six Sigma at university along with Kaizen and SPC (statistical process control). I found these areas of business management particularly interesting, and, If I’m honest, I heard there was good money in ISO Consultancy!

What are the best bits of your job?
Variation, meeting new people in different types of businesses. I sometimes enjoy the travel aspect and although the majority of our work is in the North-West, we do operate nation-wide, and our reach is continuing to expand. I do particularly enjoy a week in London every now and then!

What are the worst bits of your job?
The travel can wear you out sometimes. Some days end up being quite long and driving long distances does take it out of you. I also do not like being sat still for too long! Fortunately, we are also able to conduct a lot of our work remotely, and over the last year due to the Pandemic this is how most of the consultancy work has been managed.

What have you learned? What courses/training you’ve undertaken whilst at Mark 1?
I have undertaken multiple courses with ISOQAR and am a certified Lead Auditor in ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001. When I first joined the company, I shadowed Mark and Paul for a good six months gaining invaluable ‘hands-on’ experience. I am also currently undertaking a course to gain a Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems in association with The Growth Company.

Any particular highlights or personal goals moving forwards?
I’d like to see the number of clients undertaking ISO27001 to increase and look forward to working with them in this area.

What you are looking forward to in the future (this could be personal, or work based)
After several months in lockdown I’m particularly looking forward to getting back to the gym. I’m also looking forward to getting back out to see clients, as I think face-to face, is often the best way to do consultancy.

How have you found the last year (working remotely as opposed to being on the road).
Good and bad. I like the reduced travel. But I would like somewhere to go and work (an office) for at least ¾ of the week. I have missed meeting people and seeing different working environments too.

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