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Our team – Ian Bonney

Ian Bonney

As our newest member of the team, Ian Bonney joined us recently and we thought it would be great to introduce him to you all now that he is settled!

Why were you interested in this role in the first instance?
I have known Mark for over 20 years and recently he approached me to ask if I knew anyone in the industry that would be interested in working for him. As I knew Mark’s ethos and had heard great things about his company, the conversation took the direction of me asking whether I could apply – and here we are!

Best bits of your job
It’s pretty much everything really, but the standards have changed dramatically from the early days of extensive paperwork and I really enjoy helping customers to firstly understand the new requirements, and then helping them implement a simple but effective solution to achieving the standard relevant to their business.

Worst bits of your job (within reason!)
Whilst travel is expected, it’s the ‘unknowns’ of traffic accidents, roadworks and delays that are the most frustrating. The actual job is great, with not many downfalls.

What you’ve learned? What courses/training you’ve undertaken whilst at Mark 1?
Although I have only just started with Mark1, the Titan system is definitely a big improvement on versions I have seen and used previously, making the management of documentation, and the raising of actions, far simpler. It’s been great to train on the updated system.

Any particular highlights or personal goals moving forwards
Once I have settled into the role and company a little more, I look forward to helping develop the company further with my own experiences and documents I have created in the past. I also want to expand my own knowledge in respect of ISO 27001.

What you are looking forward to in the future (this could be personal or work based)
Mark1 has such a family feel to it, I look forward to spending time socializing and getting to know the rest of the team even better than I know them now, maybe even get them into camping or walks in the hills!

How you’ve found the last year (working remotely as opposed to being on the road).
Working remotely was definitely strange when we first started in lockdown, but like many others found, it definitely had advantages, e.g. less travel. But there is nothing better than talking face-to-face with someone regarding how to meet the standards and developing internal processes.

Anything else interesting that you think is worth mentioning!
I love camping and have a VW T4 which is a converted camper, the wife and I use it as much as possible to take our dog (a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel) Chewie out on adventures. My personal aim is to make sure Mark has his own dog by the end of next year 😉.

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