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Our team – Brandon Nolan

Brandon Nolan

Since Joining Mark 1 in 2018, Brandon Nolan has worked in the background on administration work with Adelaide. Brandon enjoys working on the social media element of marketing and being part of our weekly catch up meetings.

With experience in customer interactions, Brandon is interesting in developing experience and creating new business opportunities. He is also a keen Sports Coach who works on the understanding of leadership styles, which explores different mindsets, philosophies and processes. These transferable skills aid ideas and understanding when working with Mark 1.

Why were you interested in this role in the first instance?
I was looking for some part time work while still studying at university. The aim was to build experience in an administration role and develop my skillset.

Best bits of your job
The team, working closely together weekly really offers deeper understandings between each other. This is further aided by the weekly catch up meetings which solidify where we are at and gives us the opportunity to catch up with each other’s work.

Worst bits of your job (within reason!)
Sometimes administrations task are not the most interactive and do become quite repetitive at times. However due to the variety of tasks which I complete, I’m able to remain occupied and interested. Apart from this, I really enjoy the new experiences I overcome each day.

What you’ve learned? What courses/training you’ve undertaken whilst at Mark 1?
Throughout the past few months, I have learnt various skills ranging from customer service to logical thinking. After attending a number of network events, my ability to communicate and interact with others on a professional level has developed. Additionally, I have shadowed Adelaide’s role over the past few months; while she takes maternity leave, this is expanded my ability to undertake the administration role and work to the best of my ability.

Any particular highlights or personal goals moving forwards
Something I’m looking to achieve is to be able to offer more ideas and thoughts in the future. This will help once I’ve graduated and develop a deeper understanding on different business aspects. From this, contributions to Mark1 to allow me to experience a sense of accomplishment.

What you are looking forward to in the future (this could be personal or work based)
I am looking forward to experiencing my pathway forward. This is something I’ve focused on solidifying and working efficiently to achieve. Another thing I’m looking forward to is the different opportunities I come across and learning from them to develop me as a person. The idea of implementing work experiences into everyday life is fascinating.

How you’ve found the last year (working remotely as opposed to being on the road).
Initially, I was furloughed for a long period of time, this game me the opportunity to work on different life projects and work elsewhere. However, once I was back working after some training, I’ve found working at home absolutely fine! I’m find I work well individually; this gives me time to focus and make sure my work is to the highest of standards. At times, it can become rather repetitive, but a small break or a walk is the best therapy!


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