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Mark1 Explains: UKAS vs Non-UKAS ISO Certification

Often, clients come to the Mark1 team having done their own initial research into ISO certification, a process that unearths questions and concerns that we can help with. One of the most common questions we are asked is “why are some certification providers so much cheaper than others?” – so, in this blog, the team explains why you really do get what you pay for in terms of ISO support.

What is UKAS?

UKAS stands for the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The only body officially recognised by the government, UKAS maintains national and international standards by independently assessing the evaluators of said standards, making sure that they are impartial, competent, and capable. In short, UKAS ensures that the assessors of ISO standards are meeting the required standards!

Non-UKAS or UKAS – Key Differences

Non-UKAS certification may seem like the more attractive prospect for one simple reason; it is cheaper. However, saving money in the short-term may cost your business dearly in terms of reputation and prospects in the future. Non-UKAS certification is not regulated by any accrediting body, meaning that the processes are not vetted and may not even be appropriate for ISO standards. They may even offer certification to older versions of the standards, as these are constantly updated to reflect best practices. There are no obligations for these certification providers to provide experts, remain impartial, or even avoid conflicts of interest. This is why non-UKAS options are often so much cheaper!

How Can Mark1 Help?

At Mark1, we are proudly UKAS-accredited. We strive to uphold the very highest standards (both ISO and personally), and have an extensive history of delighted clients. We continually review and develop – especially in response to feedback concerning our bespoke quality management system, Titan – and provide excellent value for money. 

For more information on working with a UKAS-accredited, fully experienced team, you can contact Mark1 here.


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