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Mark1 Explains: The Importance of Setting Objectives in ISO

We often discuss the importance of working towards them – but what are quality objectives? In this blog, the Mark1 team explains the importance of setting and achieving quality objectives on your journey towards ISO 9001 certification.

What Are Quality Objectives?

A quality objective is a commitment to improvement, informed by the goals outlined in your quality policy. In the simplest terms, your quality policy describes the needs of your customers and your quality objectives are statements that declare how you intend to meet said needs. For example, if your quality policy identified that your main customer need was for the timely delivery of ripe bananas, then your objective would focus on making sure that you reliably delivered the perfect quality bananas to a strict schedule for your customers. 

Case Study: ISO 9001 Objectives

Quality objectives in the context of ISO 9001 should embody five key words – achievable, measurable, realistic, specific, and time-based. Declaring that you will deliver a million bananas in your first week might sound impressive, but you will make far more progress by setting and working towards realistic goals. Setting ridiculously ambitious goals can, in fact, have a negative impact on staff morale. Quantifying a reasonable but aspirational number of bananas for delivery instead will allow you to analyse and adjust your approach. This realistic goal should also be set within a time frame to allow you to track it, facilitating continuous improvement.

How Can Mark1 Help?

Whether you are delivering bananas or working in another industry, Mark1 is here to help! We can support you in analysing your quality policy and setting objectives that work for you, enabling you to continue to work steadily and sustainably towards ISO 9001 certification.

To talk to our team of friendly experts about your ISO objectives, you can contact us here.

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