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Mark1 Business Systems – March 2022 Update

Mark1 Systems - March 2022 Update

We’re a quarter of the way through 2022, and the Mark1 team have been working as hard as ever to support our clients. March has seen a lot of successes– the new dashboard for our Titan system is coming along nicely, and will hopefully be available in April. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!

The 15th of March was World Sleep Day, an annual event that celebrates sleep and highlights important issues related to resting. Organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society (founded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Foundation), this event aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems in society, through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. We hope you have all been sleeping well.

From 25th March, the Highway Code has been updated with new restrictions on mobile phone use. It is now illegal to use any device that can “send or receive data” while driving, even adjusting your Sat Nav behind the wheel. Hands-free devices can be used, but must not pose a distraction or be held in your hand. You may use a mobile device behind the wheel only to make a contactless payment (for example, at a toll booth), to park your car remotely, or to make a 999 call when it is impractical or unsafe to stop the vehicle. This has implications for ISO 45001, which governs occupational health and safety management systems– to discuss what it could mean for your business, you can get in touch with our experts here.

The 27th was Paul’s birthday, and we wish him many happy returns. Elsewhere, F1 returned too, as the first race of 2022 was held in Bahrain. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc took first place, gaining 26 points. He held onto first place overall, by coming in second in Saudi Arabia to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen– we foresee many more exciting races to come.

After all of this excitement, we are pleased to report that we had three very successful assessment days this month, and we are looking forward to more in April. Hopefully, the warm weather will return by then!

Take care, everyone,

The Mark1 Team

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