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Mark1 Business Systems- February update

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Welcome to our monthly newsletter…

February was a short but productive month for the team at Mark 1 with not much change to the day-to-day work-based activities that we continue to execute in a largely remote manner. As the weather improves, the team have all found that in our personal lives, we’ve been increasing our daily exercise and enjoying numerous walks (or in the case of Consultant Sam Mather, runs). This increase in activity was probably advisable this month, with both Valentine’s day and Shrove Tuesday offering ample opportunity to eat more chocolate and pancakes respectively!

On Monday the 22nd we were all given an update on the dates we can hope to see lockdown restrictions start to lift. We hope that this runs to plan and look forward to enjoying some of the activities that will once again be allowed. Another momentous event in the news this this month was the news of the NASA Mars Landing of ‘Perseverance’…. And, although maybe not quite as impressive, the count-down to the re-launch of Titan (our ISO software) is now truly underway with all the final designs approved!

What’s Next…

The team have all signed up to do some online training in association with The Growth Company. The Growth Company organise fully funded training in a variety of areas for SME’s in the UK, providing they fulfil certain criteria. We’ve been pleased to have been able to take up this opportunity and are looking forward to starting our courses this month. We’ve chosen to take them in a variety of areas, such as, Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems, Customer Service and in Lean Organisation Management Techniques. We hope that this will add to our skill base as a team in a positive way.

At the end of February, I (Adelaide Burton, Office Manager) was given the opportunity to join one of our Consultants Paul Nolan, whilst he conducted a remote audit for one of our customers Project Recce. This was an internal audit on Sales, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction. As someone who generally works in the ‘back office’ this gave me a valuable reminder and further insight into the work of our experienced consultants when they are customer facing. I will be using this experience to write a blog on Sales and Marketing from an ISO standard perspective in the very near future, so watch this space!

Until next month, we wish you all the best from the Mark1 team

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