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Manage your risks and hazards in the best possible way.

There is no question of the importance of risk assessments within an organisation. As an integral part of a safety management plan, these procedures instigate an awareness of risks and hazards across all areas of your business. And with this knowledge, the power is in your hands to foresee who is at risk, and manage such hazards in a timely and appropriate manner.

Unfortunately, there are certain factors that can make risk assessments a gruelling process. And this is where Titan’s Risk Assessment management system can save you hours of frustration.

  1. Paperless and all in one place

As an online management system, Titan eliminates to need of paperwork. Say goodbye to hours of filing and lost documents. With the ability to store all risk assessments in the same place, you reduce the risk of missing/loosing highly important information in addition to eradicating paper waste.


  1. Manage all aspects of risk

Titan allows for a step by step process of acknowledging and managing risk; and all on one page. You can identify the hazard(s) unique to a risk, the area it involves in your building, the possible effects, the necessary control measures, in addition to assigning responsibility to you’re a specific employee.

  1. Categorise your risks

Looking to further your ISO accreditation goals in different sectors? Using Titan’s risk assessment will enable you to differentiate between the potential risks for Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety; thus providing evidence that you’re aware of the different types of hazards and are dealing with them appropriately.


  1. Link with legislations

Keeping up to date with the relevant regulations for risk assessments not only proves that your business is on top of things, but signals to your employees and clients that you’re taking the correct steps in handling a safety management plan.

  1. Speed up the process

Once you have created a risk assessment on Titan, it will be saved into a pool of all your other risks. Thankfully, when you do need to access it again, you don’t spend ages scrolling down the page to find the relevant information. This is owing to Titan’s filtering system. You can select from the many categories, such as Areas and Owners, and the system will narrow down your options to pin point the exact report you need to access.

Are you ready for the next step in achieving ISO9001 accreditation? Mark 1 is here to guide you. For more information on our Titan System, give us a call on +44 (0) 800 458 9630 or send an email to info@mark1systems.com.

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