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ISO systems – the benefits

ISO system

Using an ISO system (derived from the Greek word “isos”, meaning equal) can significantly reduce your organisation’s wastage of both time and money, creating clear structures against which you can check your quality management and support your submission of tenders At Mark 1, we’ve developed our tried and tested Titan System, providing a platform which is specifically designed to support your compliance with ISO standards.

Not only is Titan cost-effective, it allows you to work towards UKAS accredited ISO certifications for a variety of standards. Our modular based system has been designed with ease of use in mind, providing you with consistency that you can rely on as you assess your structure and documentation. Titan is also easily integrated into your current IT system with considerable flexibility, implementing automated processes which can eliminate human error.

Looking at your organisation as a whole has the potential to feel daunting and complicated, but Titan allows you to easily identify trends, analyse root causes, and help you make the right large-scale decisions with confidence. With this oversight, you can also consider the implementation of additional training, and where and how this could be most beneficial to you. Legislation can be managed efficiently, and a comprehensive list can be generated automatically for internal and assessment purposes. Personalised, measurable objectives can be easily designed and implemented to facilitate your journey towards accreditation.

With Titan, we have a 100% certification success rate to date, and our team of very experienced consultants can work closely with you to streamline the delivery of its very user-friendly systems. With an emphasis on functionality, evidenced by the exceptional results that Titan has already achieved for our clients, we can enable your organisation to achieve the accreditations that you need, eliminating the flaws of paper-based ways of working.

Furthermore, as our system is cloud-based it can be set up remotely with the option for all training to be provided online, saving you valuable time and money.


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