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ISO Systems and the Auditing Process


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation is a clear statement that your organisation runs to an internationally recognised, consistent and competitive standard, and the process of gaining this can range from four months plus depending upon the current level of your business. In order to gain, and then maintain, your own certification, your organisation must be subject to a series of audits, each with their own checklists.

Firstly, you will need to perform first-party/internal audits, the results of which must demonstrate your ISO compliance as an ongoing monitoring requirement, whilst also allowing your organisation to identify and implement needed improvements to create a continuous cycle of progress. Such a large-scale operation has plenty of potential for human errors, resource allocation issues, and overcomplicated processes. In order to complete your audit, it is well worth considering an ISO system, like our specifically designed Titan structure, to automate and streamline your journey to accreditation.

After successful first-party audits, your organisation will undergo ISO certification audits, confirming that you have achieved compliance both on paper and in practice. This also ensures that document control is prioritised, with efficient records and productive practises. Your auditor will compare your first-party audit documentation to your current running procedure, to verify that your compliance is ongoing.

Even once you have achieved certification, you will be subject to surveillance audits at least once a year. These review the changes that your organisation was asked to make to meet ISO standards, and emphasises implementation rather than documentation. It is important to review the credentials of your auditors, both internal and external, to ensure that they maintain impartiality, and are competent to undertake audits. By automating the process, and preparing extensively to complete your audits, your organisation can streamline its progress to ISO certification, encouraging your clients to trust in your expertise.

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