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ISO Certification and Plan-Do-Check-Act

The Plan-Do-Check-Act (or PDCA) model is a method of ensuring continuous improvement, a key principle of ISO certification. In this blog, the Mark1 team explains exactly what the technique entails, and how it can help you to achieve and maintain your desired ISO standard.

What is the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle?

The PDCA cycle is a four-step plan that is designed to facilitate continuous improvement within your business, one of the key aims of ISO standardisation. The four steps are as follows:

  • Plan- Identify an opportunity to improve, and plan a change to seize it.
  • Do- Test the change out on a small scale, according to your plan.
  • Check- Review the results of carrying out your plan on a small scale, and adjust as needed.
  • Act- Building on what you learned, implement your plan throughout your business and use this new experience to plan new improvements. The cycle begins again.

Applying Plan-Do-Check-Act to Your ISO Journey

Continuous improvement is the foundation of ISO principles – best practices can always be better. The PDCA model enables you to make decisions based on quantifiable data and adapt your ISO journey in real time. Implementing this model not only supports your ISO certification success, but also allows you to foster a company culture that values collaboration, results, and innovation.

How Can Mark1 Help?

At Mark1, we prioritise the experience of each individual client. Our bespoke quality management system, Titan, is designed and constantly updated to provide a user-friendly and optimised experience – and we apply the same ethos to our consultancy. We can support you every step of the way as you learn to implement Plan-Do-Check-Act, and use it to further your ISO certification goals.

For more information on the PDCA cycle, you can contact the Mark1 team here.

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