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IS09001: Effectively Managing Complaints

ISO9001 Quality Management certifications more than doubled globally between 2001 and 2011, at which point over 1.1 million certificates were issued to compliant companies.

With further rise in consumer rights and business regulation expected, this figure is set to rise making a robust Quality Management System a fundamental product management asset. One perhaps less obvious benefit of adopting an ISO9001 targeted Quality Management system is the ability to flag up product or service opportunities and provide continuous improvement to your product portfolio. This will enable your organisation to react quicker and more effectively to customer complaints.

Why should you care about Quality Management?

Let me assure you that consumers are not loyal and if you cannot address complaints effectively consumers will defect to your competitors, communicating their negative experience to, on average,  7 friends and family, that’s 7 potential clients.

Keeping customers happy is one thing, avoiding legal disputes and penalties is another. The Sale of Goods Act, Consumer Protection Act and other legislation specific to protecting consumers from faulty, unfit for purpose and dangerous products is a reason alone to make sure your organisation is ISO9001 accredited.

Further benefits include gaining industry recognition for quality, improving efficiency and boosting staff morale. www.mark1systems.com outlines the full benefits of becoming ISO9001 compliant.

What’s required to achieve customer complaint compliance?

Below outlines the clauses in ISO9001 that relate to customer feedback which includes complaint handling, all of which need to be evidenced in audit for ISO9001 accreditation:

ü  Management input reviews should include customer feedback (5.6)

ü  Must communicate effectively to consumers in regards to customer feedback (7.2.3.)

ü  Monitor and promote customer feedback (8.2.1)

ü  Analyse data in relation to customer satisfaction (8.4)

ü  Have a clear policy on how to respond to customer feedback including cause, remedy and effectiveness (8.5.2)

Who can help you achieve accreditation first time?

Mark1 systems believe we provide a service that not only complies with ISO9001 clauses relating to complaints handling, but goes further by making the system easy to adopt, support you through implementation and provide guaranteed peace of mind.

Why not read our previous success stories?

www.mark1systems.com provides a service that has gained accreditation for companies on the first attempt, with 100% success rate. We achieve this by being the experts in ISO9001 compliance, having strong links with certifying bodies and building a relationship with our clients.






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