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Is It Hard To Get ISO 9001 Certification?

Seeking ISO 9001 certification can, depending on several key factors, require a considerable amount of time and resources. So, how hard is it to become certified in ISO 9001? Read on for our thoughts, and how working with a UKAS-accredited auditor like Mark1 can make the process much easier for you and your business.

How Do I become ISO 9001 Certified?

The ISO certification process can be broken down into a series of steps. First, a Stage 1 audit, which assesses your business and informs you of the necessary action and developments you must undertake to become certified. Secondly, you must complete the recommendations. Thirdly, your auditor will complete a Stage 2 audit, which ensures that the ISO requirements identified in the first audit have been met. Passing the second audit enables you to become ISO certified.

Advantages of becoming Certified

Businesses seek this certification for all sorts of reasons. Some want to demonstrate to their customers, both existing and potential, that their products and services are of consistently exemplary quality. Others are attempting to sign contracts that mandate certification. Businesses may wish to stand out from their competitors, optimise their processes, or ensure that they are meeting standards that benefit their employees. Other businesses may not see certification as another certificate on the wall, but strive for certification to drive improvements. Becoming certified enables all this and more – it is definitely worth the effort to become certified!

Requirements: Mark1 Can Help

The Mark1 team can support you through every step of your ISO 9001 journey, answering any questions you might have. We have worked with clients across many different industries, and of all different sizes – we can help to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you and your employees.

To discuss the Quality standard further with our team, you can contact us here.

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