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Is ISO 9001 a certification or accreditation?

At Mark1, we have supported clients of all sizes and industries on their ISO journeys, and the most common question we hear is: is ISO 9001 an accreditation or certification? In this blog, we will explain the difference, and provide some context to ISO certification.

ISO Standards

The International Organisation for Standardisation is an independent and non-governmental organisation, which boasts a membership of 168 national standards bodies. It is coordinated in Geneva by the central secretariat. The ISO mandates international standards that serve as universal assurances of excellence for organisations worldwide.

ISO 9001 Accreditation, or ISO 9001 Certification?

Certification is a series of checks that determine whether a product of service meets a standard. For example, ISO 9001 is a certification standard in the ISO 9000 family. To be certified means that an organisation has successfully met the criteria. Accreditation, however, is formal recognition that a certifying body is compliant with international standards. Put simply, your organisation can be certified in ISO 9001 by an accredited certifying body.

ISO 9001 Requirements

ISO 9001 standards are a framework for establishing and maintaining a successful QMS, allowing continual improvement in products and services across an organisation of any size. It covers the entire process from designing to maintaining, and certification in ISO 9001 allows your organisation to exemplify that it is committed to that process. 

For more information on ISO certification, you can contact the accredited Mark1 team here.

Source: https://status.iso.org/incidents/q4j8rrrqmksb 

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