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How To Manage Complaints With ISO 9001

If your organisation is attempting to become ISO 9001 certified, you must have a proper system for handling customer complaints. Not only does this enable you to meet the requirements of the standard. But a complaints management system can provide a wide variety of benefits for your business. Read on to find out more!

Establish a Complaints Management System

So, what is a complaints management system? It concerns the recording, handling, follow-up and communication of customer complaints, from the initial reception to the action you take in response. An optimal management system will leave your customers feeling heard and satisfied. And can even strengthen your reputation as a business that is willing to learn and grow. Whilst receiving complaints can be frustrating or demoralising, best practices can ensure that your response empowers your organisation to thrive even when things go wrong.

Fulfilling ISO 9001 Requirements

Whilst ISO 9001 does not contain a specific customer complaint management clause, various other aspects of the standard demonstrate the expectations of best practice. For example, Clause 9.1.2 encourages organisations to seek customer feedback in order to assess whether they believe that “their needs and expectations have been fulfilled”. Clause 8.2.1 mandates that organisations must retain “customer feedback relating to products and services, including customer complaints”. And clause 5.1.2 requires management to ensure that customer requirements are being met. 

Managing ISO Complaints with ISO 9001 and Mark1

At Mark1, we are experts on all things ISO – including complaints management systems. We can provide advice, ongoing support, and troubleshooting for every step of establishing and maintaining your system. Designing our bespoke quality management system, Titan, has enabled us to prioritise client feedback and continuous improvement in every aspect of the support we offer. Meaning that our clients enjoy the very best ISO consultancy and services. The complaints section in Titan is very comprehensive. Breaking down traceability surrounding an investigation, route cause analysis, and corrective action. Multiple reports can be made from here, which are great for Management Reviews and Internal Management meetings!

For expert support on your ISO 9001 journey, you can contact the Mark1 team here.

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