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How to get ISO 9001 Certification

The process of becoming ISO 9001 certified might seem daunting, particularly if this is the first of the ISO standards that your business or organisation is pursuing – but the Mark1 team are here to help! In this blog, we will break down each step of the required journey, and give some hints and tips on streamlining your procedures.

Quality Standards

Governing quality management, ISO 9001 is the one of the most common standards that we help our clients achieve here at Mark1. In order to be certified in the Quality standard, you need to set up a quality management system that demonstrates your compliance, demonstrate that it works efficiently, and then have an accredited third party perform an audit to certify you. Most small companies can achieve this in around six months, although individual circumstances vary. The standard is generic, and applicable to any industry and any size of company worldwide.

ISO Principles and Processes: 5 Steps

The ISO 9001 certification process can be broken down into five chronological steps. These are preparation, documentation, implementation, audits, and finally certification. Following these steps requires organisation, appointing an ISO 9001 point person (the member of your company overseeing the process, often an executive or a quality manager), and consistent evidence.

How Can Mark1 Help You Achieve ISO 9001?

We have developed our own bespoke QMS, named Titan. This has allowed us to completely tailor the software to be as user-friendly and seamlessly intergrating as possible, leading to incredibly high customer satisfaction and certification rates. Paperless, centralised, and accessible from a central dashboard, Titan is the easiest way to streamline your journey to ISO certification and maintenance. 

Our friendly team of experts would be happy to discuss ISO 9001 and answer any questions you might have – you can contact them here.

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