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How achieving ISO 14001 can make you more sustainable

ISO 14001

With Earth Day approaching, and increasing pressure on businesses and corporations to demonstrate environmental responsibility, ISO 14001 controls in an Environmental Management System (EMS) can help to make your business more sustainable.

ISO 14001 Requirements and Processes

ISO standards in the 14001 family examine the impact that your organisation and processes are having on the environment, aiming to minimise negative consequences and safeguard the ecosystem. Although it has existed since 1996, the current framework was redeveloped in 2015, and aims to support your business in sustainable practices and continual improvement.

The Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

Firstly, reducing wastage will reduce costs, making your budget more streamlined and avoiding unnecessary spending. ISO 14001 also makes your workplace safer and more sustainable in the long term. Showing ISO 14001 compliance also demonstrates your commitment to environmental consciousness, which is an attractive quality for suppliers and potential clients. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, conforming to ISO 14001 is making a commitment to protecting the planet, and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

How Can Mark1 Help?

At Mark1, we have developed a bespoke quality management system (QMS), called Titan. This user-friendly and integrated system can help you to achieve UKAS accredited ISO certification by breaking down every step of the process, allowing you to evaluate your whole organisation and adjust or improve as necessary. We can support your usage of our QMS system with consultancy, including on-site and virtual meetings, or enable you to manage your certification journey internally. This system can guide you on your path to ISO 14001 accreditation, and to a more sustainable future for your business.

For more information on ISO 14001, and how it could benefit your business, you can contact the team here.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-achieving-iso-14001-can-help-you-become-more-megan-eastwood/

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