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Handling Complaints is a Breeze with Titan in These Three Simple Steps

It’s important to acknowledge that the success of your business is partly owed to your customers and clients perceptions. Because ultimately they can make or break you. However, it’s also necessary to understand that complaints don’t necessarily equal a bad reputation. This is because when these bumps in the road are handled well, you can turn a mistake into evidence that excellent customer service is your highest priority.

And this is how Titan’s complaint management system can be your business’ life line in a few simple steps:

Step 1 – Creating a complaint

As soon as you have received a complaint, an employee with the rights to edit the system can create a new record prior to starting an investigation. In the New Complaint form, they can enter important information, in addition to categorising the complaint through the use of Reference, Customer or Product categories (which can also be created manually using a drop down menu).

Importantly, they can also prioritise the complaint based on the impact of the claim: the importance of the customer, or time critical, and then include a brief description of the fault for future reference. It’s also very useful to use the ‘Source’ to select the origin of the complaint, and Titan also allows you to identify the investigator who will receive an e-mail alert once this information has been recorded.

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Step 2 – Complaint Investigation

This ability to investigate complaints via Titan has been carefully crafted to allow ease of data input for clear and concise presentation of information. In the investigation screen, the user can locate three different sections: Investigation, Root Cause, Analysis and Corrective Actions Taken. In these areas, you can document any relevant information, and the time and date is stamped and displayed.

Set 3 – Closing a Complaint

Once an investigation has been completed, the editor can close it through Titan. In this screen, the form allows you to list the root cause area, the root cause problem, and the identified fault. The information entered can be used to investigate trends using the Report facility in the future.

Before closing the complaint, the user may wish to add further comments to the investigation and corrective actions can be selected via the ‘Add Action’ feature. Akin to the creating of a complaint, here the editor can enter the action required and delegate this to a user responsible for that action. They will also receive an email notifying them of their action with a hot link. Actions will appear on the Actions Outstanding Report until their close date is completed.

At Mark1, we recognise the value of time in business and the importance of developing efficient, paperless ways of working to reduce waste and enhance productivity. Follow us to find out more.



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